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Butterfly Maori inspired key
Butterfly Maori inspired key
Butterfly Maori inspired key
Butterfly Maori inspired key
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Butterfly Maori inspired key

So you're after a 21st keys huh? 

Look no further to get a killer customised key made just for YOU! Cause at the end of the day, that's what turning 21 is all about. 

Key Size

  • 600-700mm by 220mm
  • Base 500mm by 180mm
  • Indicative sizing only as every key is different
  • White base key and your choice of other colors 
Please Note the following
  • Lead time Indicatively 5-6 weeks to design and build. Also allow 2-5 days additional for shipping. 

  • Express order option. 
    Have you left things to the last minute and need it done faster than 5+ weeks? We offer an express service which basically pushes you to the front of the line so that we can build your key asap. Note that this reduces the lead time from 5+ weeks to 10 working days. 
    - Anything before this time we can not guarantee to have it done in time.
    Also allow 2-5 working days for shipping after the 10 working days to make the key
  • Details Please leave as much details as possible in he notes section after adding your order to the cart. 

  • Date. let us know the EXACT date you need your key by 

    Holla at us if you are unsure :-)

Design will be sent out within 7-10  days if non-express. Express within 24hrs
Let us know as much details as possible to make this process faster.